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Welcome! Splendid Rooster is about all things creative, colorful and delicious. Lover of food, festivals, travel and fun (and a little trouble) I look forward to sharing with you all of my favorite recipes, restaurants, music, and travel adventures.  Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota; I have been living in Naples, Florida with my husband, Al, since 2005. A hippie chick at heart, dog mom, lover of music, inspired by all that is colorful, soulful, intriguing, different and meaningful; all the while learning and practicing the art of just Being. 

What is Splendid Rooster you ask?!

Splendid Rooster is within all of us. The part of us that is creative, adventurous, flamboyant, and willing to take risks. Like the rooster's plumage; vibrant and diverse - it's about fanning out with brilliance, showing the world your craft along with your shimmering & illuminating personality. Always welcoming new opportunity and new beginnings, Splendid Rooster is about strength, courage, confidence, leadership, self-expression and prestige; always uplifting and encouraging others to do their best, to support one another in all their endeavors. 

Splendid Rooster came to be while on vacation in Key West, Florida; inspired by the proud Gypsy Chickens of Key West, freely roaming the colorful island amongst beautiful people from all walks of life.  

Stacy Laufer
Yoga Instructor & creator
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